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Tim DiCarlo in Milton
- 5.0

Date: 2024-04-27

Project: 90' Pine Removal

We hired Jose and his crew to remove a dying 90’ pine tree in our backyard. It hugged the fence on one of our property lines. Below it, maybe 4’-5’ from the fence line, were 4 pampas grass shrubs. Those shrubs were not a priority for us, but damaging the culvert and dry creek bed they framed were a concern. Another 15’ beyond the creek bed was a stone terrace wall and our pool. Jose’s options on where to drop the tree were limited. He scaled the tree, de-limbing it as he climbed, using a pulley system to lower each branch carefully down to his team. When he got to the top he cut & slowly lowered the crown, essentially turning the pine into a 90’ pole. He then began cutting and free-falling sections down to his team, dropping each piece into that 4’-5’ spot between our fence and the shrubs. He hit the mark perfectly each time. He and his crew remained a long while afterwards, cleaning up and returning our backyard, driveway (where the wood chipper was), side yard, etc to the same exact condition it was before they started. If I could give Jose and his crew 100 stars I would. They were outstanding.

Tom Carney in Tucker
- 5.0

Date: 2023-04-04

Project: Big pine fell and blocked street

One of my big pines fell Saturday night knocking the power out and blocking our neighborhood street. I called 7 Brothers as they were reasonably close. Jose said they'd come immediately. They were there in about 30 minutes. Three guys chain sawed the part in the road, and then literally swept the road clean. My neighbors were very happy and amazed that I had it taken care of so fast. They came out early on Sunday and cut up the rest, chipped it into my pine island (at my request), and then took down two smaller trees for very little extra money. The guys were fast, fantastic, and went way overboard in the job as well as cleaning up the whole site. If it weren't for the chips in the pine island, you would never know a 5 story pine had just fallen. Jose and Pedro were men of their word, and had a tremendous crew and all the heavy machinery needed. Awesome!!

Kevin McCarthy in Woodstock
- 5.0

Date: 2022-07-04

Project: Tree removal and trimming

We have used 7 Brothers several times to both take down, remove trees, and trim many others. They did a great job! They were hardworking, arrived on time and everything was cleaned up before they left. They offered reasonable rates and are fully insured. Their company is family owned and we’re all a pleasure to work with. Will definitely use them again and feel good about recommending them to anyone who wants a thorough, professional job done for reasonable rates. You won’t be sorry

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Copyright 2024 7 Brothers Tree Service and Lawn LLC
All Rights Reserved